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Like No Place Else on Earth
If there is an earthly paradise for nature lovers and golfers, Fox Acres is it.   Easily reached year-round from Denver, Ft. Collins, Cheyenne and Laramie, this high-country haven is surrounded by Roosevelt National Forest.
Its proximity to major population centers offers members great convenience and accessibility, yet Fox Acres is situated well off the beaten path, and remains virtually hidden in the depths of some of Colorado’s most pleasing and interesting topography.
Fox Acres members and residents can immerse themselves daily in a world of staggering natural beauty situated on 459 acres of incredibly diverse terrain.  It’s a world filled with rolling meadows, clear lakes and cold, swift streams.  Sparkling clean air and the drama of the changing seasons.  Tall stands of ponderosa pine and gnarled juniper.  Massive rock out-croppings, giant lichen stained boulders and worn cliffs.  The sound of wind and water.  Silence so deep it heals the soul.  And on the horizon, peaks that scrape the sky and exhilarate the senses.
Combine Fox Acres’ natural beauty, with the carefully tended elegance of its golf course and the environmentally integrated homes of its members, and you have country club community unlike any other place on earth – a community that truly gives fresh meaning to the word unique.
The Privilege of Pleasure
Despite its awesome natural beauty and its isolation from the work-a-day world, Fox Acres is no primitive summer encampment.  Instead, it’s an elegant, sophisticated and luxurious year-round community – a community where every consideration has been given to providing members with an environment filled with recreational variety and civilization’s finest pleasures.
Naturally, Fox Acres’ challenging 18-hole championship golf course, designed by internationally recognized course designer John Cochran, is the jewel in Fox Acres crown.  With its fully equipped clubhouse and pro shop, it serves as the central focus for life at Fox Acres. 
Yet golf is just the first in a panoply of choices.  There is on-site tennis, pickleball and fishing.  A multi-station exercise course and fitness facility.  Nearby equestrian activities and dozens of trails to challenge both novice and expert hikers.  Unmatched cross-country skiing.  Some of the world’s finest trout streams and public lakes are just a short drive away.  And for hunters, the region teems with deer and elk.
For pure relaxation, good fellowship and delights of the world class food and wine, Fox Acres offers members the abundant pleasures of its clubhouse.  Whether you desire an informal lunch in the grille, or the stately opulence of dinner in the main dining salon, Fox Acres’ classically trained chef and his serving staff will provide you with a memorable culinary experience.  And of course, the staff stands ready to help you with your personal banquet or catering needs. 
No description of Fox Acres would be complete without mention of one of its most important aspects.  Because of its intimate size and membership diversity, Fox Acres has evolved into a true community.  Here, retired seniors, as well as families with young children are free to pursue their individual paths, or mingle to share the richness of their life experiences.  This opportunity for sharing is reinforced by a regular program of community events. 
Experience the magic of Fox Acres for yourself.  Its members, residents and staff extend to you an invitation to visit and sample its many and varied pleasures.
You will discover a feast for all the senses.  Scenery that nourishes the heart.  Privacy that soothes the soul.  Fellowship in a complete community firmly committed to quality. A lifestyle of comfort and elegance.  Fine dining.  Superb golfing.  And a host of other recreational opportunities. It’s all here.  And it is all surprisingly affordable.
As someone once said – membership definitely has its privileges.  At Fox Acres the privilege is pleasure.

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